When an employee messed with “the art of pizza making,” a passionate Italian got out a knife Twitter/@NoiNotizie

For one pizza maker working in Australia on a holiday visa from Italy, the art of pizza making is sacred.

When a co-worker at Super Pizza messed with the art, 21-year-old Francesco Cristofaro got into a heated exchange with that person, grabbed a knife, chased him and said, “tonight, I kill you.”

According to, Cristofaro was sentenced to four months in jail and suspended for 12 months, as a result of the incident.

Peter Maley, Cristofaro’s lawyer, said his client is “a passionate cook that cares a great deal about the art of making pizzas.” Magistrate Greg Smith countered by saying that “passion is sometimes a good thing, but running around with a knife is misplaced passion.”

Apparently, this very same pizza joint has been in the news before. In 2012, it was reported that staff at the pizzeria continued serving meals after the chef had collapsed and died on the kitchen floor and that they were stepping over the 43-year-old man’s body to do so.

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