The depths of the depravity involved in a child pornography case in Lake Orion, Mich., have caused one veteran law enforcement official to say it was the “worst” of its kind seen in 20 years.

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Anngela Boyle, 27, and her husband Colin Boyle, 30, are both going to prison for decades for heinous criminal sexual conduct and production of child pornography involving a 1-year-old girl and 3-year-old boy.

Oakland County Sheriff’s Office

While Colin Boyle, a known sex offender with two priors, was sentenced to 60 years behind bars, last Wednesday Anngela Boyle, who used a camera to record sex acts and forwarded these images to her husband, was been sentenced to 30 years.

The woman acknowledged during an FBI interview that “child pornography is the only thing that sexually excited Colin Matthew Boyle.” She admitted that they engaged in sex acts with a 1-year-old girl in her video and a 3-year-old boy on at least four different occasions.

Both production of child pornography in the form of still images and video recordings took place, as well as sexual assaults.

According to the Detroit Free Press, Colin Boyle’s defense attorney said that while her client admitted to being “sick,” he has “experienced mental health issues throughout his life,” most likely “the product of fetal alcohol syndrome,” and needs medication and treatment to prevent him from “hear[ing] voices.”

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Authorities were tipped off to the sex crimes as early as 2015, when they became aware Colin Boyle was accessing child pornography on the internet.