Rachael Harris, 20, of Curwensville, Pa., was slammed by a judge in court as “sick” after pleading guilty to four counts of producing obscene material and eight counts of summary cruelty to animals — charges dating back November 2015 — for having sex with a dog while her husband observed and recorded it on camera.

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According to The Progress News, Harris has been sentenced to 90 days to a year in jail for filming videos of the dog performing sex acts. Husband Corey Harris, 24, was was sentenced in July to 30 days to a year in jail and court-mandated counseling for filming the videos. Corey Harris’ sister found these videos and turned them over to the police, who found four videos on it.

Judge Paul Cherry hammered Harris in court. “This is sick,” he said. “You need help! Big time!”

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In addition to the jail time, Judge Cherry sentenced Harris to four years of probation; ordered her to get a psych exam; barred her from owning an animal or working with animals henceforth; barred her from drinking alcohol; and slapped her with 100 hours community service and a $1,400 fine.

The reaction on social media has been unanimous: “NASTY. NASTY. NASTY,” said one, and our personal favorite asked, “What is wrong with people.”

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