Beware: you may lose sleep after seeing this.

A photo posted by ABC Statewide Drive Victoria on Monday shows a massive spiderweb covering an entire park bench in the Australian town of Yinnar.

According to the Daily Mail, Leslie Schmidt and Bryce discovered the horrifying web while playing “Pokemon Go.”

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“We were trying to catch a Meowth (one of the creatures in the game) when we suddenly found ourselves surrounded by this enormous web. We were dumbfounded – it was like Christmas meets Halloween!” Schmidt told the Daily Mail.

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“We weren’t [sure] what species they were so we didn’t want to get too close, but it was probably the most fascinating thing I’ve ever seen,” Schmidt said.

Australia’s Victoria state is seeing snow right now, but Yinnar is definitely experiencing a different kind of white outside.

The strange phenomenon is called ballooning and usually happens after heavy rainfall, according to the Daily Mail.

(H/T: Mashable)

These kids stumbled into one of the most insane webs you’ve ever seen ABC Statewide Drive Victoria/Facebook
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