When two clashing protests met on a Dallas street, what happened next wasn’t so black and white

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After five Dallas police officers were fatally shot at a Black Lives Matter protest in response to the officer-related deaths of two black men in Louisiana and Minnesota, Americans were left wondering how divided their nation is.

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If some events during this week are any indicator, then there might be more hope for unity than originally thought.

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According to a CNN video posted to their Facebook page, another Black Lives Matter protest began in Dallas. A counter-protest formed across the street.

A representative from the Black Lives Matter protest and a representative from the counter-protest met each other in the middle and shook hands. The Black Lives Matter protesters crossed the street and joined forces with the counter-protesters.

The CNN video showed men and women both black and white introducing themselves to each other, embracing one another, shaking hands and offering words of encouragement. Someone could be heard saying, “We’re all brothers and sisters” in the background. Another, “This is how you kick down a wall.” One counter-protester told the camera, “We all matter.”

“It’s time to stop this today. No more walls,” said the Black Lives Matter representative. “Today, we’re going to show the rest of the country how we came together,” said the counter-protest’s representative. The two men had their arms around each other.

After everyone came together for a group hug, the participants joined together in a circle of prayer for their city. The officer who was guarding both sides also joined them.

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