A nationally representative survey reported by Food and Wine indicates that some 7 percent of Americans believe that chocolate milk comes from brown cows, not the addition of chocolate to milk.

This is a real answer.

The online survey was funded by The Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy, a dairy industry group, for National Milk Day. Survey questions largely asked about the milk consumption habits of respondents information the group would find useful, naturally.

As the Washington Post writes, projecting these survey results over the U.S. population means that millions of people could potentially believe this about chocolate milk.

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The group probably didn’t expect to find that those Hershey ads about chocolate cows from the 1980s would have been taken so seriously.

Even more stunning than that? A full 48 percent of respondents said they “didn’t know” where chocolate milk comes from. It comes from milk and cocoa and sugar, folks.

The survey also found that some 29 percent of respondents used their children as an excuse to buy chocolate milk for themselves, so they’re not all lost causes.

Where do you think chocolate milk comes from? So many people think the answer is “brown cows” Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
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