Whoopi Goldberg Shares ‘Spooky’ VR Experience: ‘I Got Up So Fast That I Fell Over’

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Apple recently announced its newest product, a VR headset that comes with a hefty price tag of $3,499. 

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The Apple Vision Pro is an incredible mixed reality headset that lets you experience augmented reality content blended seamlessly with the real world. Additionally, it also allows you to get completely immersed in virtual worlds, but it’s essential to keep in mind that the headset is not transparent.

In My Opinion

The View co-host took the opportunity to share her thoughts on the matter during the latest episode of the show.

“I’ll tell you how spooky it is,” Goldberg, 67, shared about the device. “I put it on and I was under the ocean, because I love all the ocean stuff, and something came swimming by and I forgot that I had these things on, and I got up so fast that I fell over.”

“They tell you to give yourself a little bit of space. Just a little bit of space where, you know, don’t go beyond this. But then if something scares you…you have to be careful with this stuff because you can really hurt yourself,” she added.

No New Toys

Joy Behar shared her thoughts on the product as well. “To me, it seems like the only thing it’s good for is porn.”

Goldberg responded: “Have you ever worn augmented reality? It’s way too close, believe me.”

Behar has a history of resisting the introduction of new technology. Goldberg touched on the host’s reaction to the iPhone debuting in 2007. “I’m resistant. I go kicking and screaming and yet, I am attached,” adding that when it comes to Apple products – “I have it all.”

“I would not pay $4,000 for that thing,” Behar concluded. Goldberg replied, “Well, you might.”

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