Wife Arrested for Attacking Husband at Airport After Finding ‘Indecent’ Images on His Phone

Al Cannon Detention Center

This is what I call a no-good, very bad day. An angry wife was just arrested at the Charleston International Airport after discovering “indecent” images on her husband’s phone. She proceeded to attack him and was promptly jailed for domestic violence.

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Airport Cameras Caught the Wife Kicking Her Husband Before She Was Arrested

Al Cannon Detention Center

Paula Barbour, 55, and her husband had flown to South Carolina for a vacation last week when the incident occurred. Surveillance cameras recorded Paula kicking her husband in the legs, throwing his phone, and trying to hit his face.

According to the incident report, Mrs. Barbour saw not just one but several inappropriate images on her husband’s phone before she became violent. The report mentions that “the suspect stated that she just wanted to get away from the victim and fly back home.”

WCSC reports that when Airport Police spoke with Mr. Barbour, he stated that his wife didn’t kick him in the legs. However, after Paula admitted to hitting her husband, she was arrested.

Paula Barbour was booked into the Al Cannon Detention Center. She’s been charged with one count of third-degree domestic violence.

South Carolina Has Zero Tolerance Domestic Violence Policy

The South Carolina code of laws defines domestic violence as a crime. It states that domestic violence occurs when a defendant “offer[s] or attempt[s] to cause physical harm or injury to a person’s own household member with apparent present ability under circumstances reasonably creating fear of imminent peril.”

South Carolina police are trained to practice zero tolerance in domestic violence cases. This means that once they’re called in, someone’s most likely going to jail. In Paula Barbour’s case, even if her husband tried to deny that she hit him or if he didn’t want her to get in trouble, it’s out of his hands. Airport surveillance footage showed the wife kicking him and she was subsequently arrested for criminal domestic violence.

Details on the specifics of Paula Barbour’s “indecent images” were not provided by the news. Regardless, violence is never okay. And hopefully, this couple gets some serious counseling.

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