Wife Assaults Cleaner After Finding Out She’s Having an Affair With Her Husband

A betrayed and pissed off wife just brutally assaulted her house cleaner after discovering that she was having an affair with her husband. Jaclyn Maree Morris of Queensland, Australia, says she was provoked by the cleaner after confronting her about the affair. Morris attacked the other woman through the window of her car, ripping out her hair and punching her several times.

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Jaclyn Morris Confronts Other Woman About Affair Via Text, Is Sent a Nude Photo

Jaclyn Maree Morris, a mother-of-two, says she confronted the other woman about the affair via text. She was subsequently sent several texts from the house cleaner, who had been employed by the Morris family for 4 years. The texts allegedly contained “sexually explicit correspondence” as well as a nude photograph. The cleaner allegedly said Morris’ husband sent them to her before forwarding them to Mrs. Morris.

The case seems to be a typical instance of she-said / she-said, with both women claiming the other one provoked the violent interaction. Gold Coast Bulletin broke the news.

According to the other woman’s testimony to the Southport Magistrates Court, Mrs. Morris started the fight. She said Mrs. Morris saw her waiting in her car along the Gold Coast. Mrs. Morris then allegedly called out to her and called her a “f—g w—e.”

The cleaner responded, “I don’t want your husband, so f— off.”

But Jaclyn Morris says the cleaner provoked the fight. She said that she called out to her through the window, saying she “needed to learn how to f— her husband.”

The Wife Assaults the Cleaner Through Her Car Window

The angry wife then allegedly lunged through the cleaner’s car window, according to Prosecutor Donn Reid. Reid said Mrs. Morris assaulted her, pulling some of her hair out. She also allegedly punched her in the face several times.

The victim was left with missing chunks of hair, bruises on her face, and a swollen lip.

Regardless of who started it, the house cleaner was undeniably left battered. As for her husband’s affair with the cleaner, Mrs. Morris will have to decide what to do next.

Jaclyn Maree Morris was put on 6 months of probation after pleading guilty to assault occasioning bodily harm.

Mrs. Morris has since stayed with her husband, although who knows how long that will last. One thing is for sure — the next house cleaner should definitely be a man!

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