Wild Hungry Woman Jumps McDonald’s Counter, Makes Her Own Burger

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Some people have no manners. An out-of-control female customer at a McDonald’s in Adelaide, Australia jumped the counter and helped herself to the kitchen. She was yelling profanities as she made a burger and chucked a water bottle at an employee.

Wild Woman Helps Herself to McDonald’s Kitchen Like She Lives There


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The woman, who has been identified as a 19-year-old, was subsequently arrested at McDonald’s on Hindley Street. But she wasn’t detained until after making a big scene, which of course has gone viral on TikTok.

The wild woman, clad in a hot pink halter top, yells, “I’ll beat you up!” to one of the employees before looking inside her food bag and throwing it on the ground. Then she stomps around to the back of the kitchen as if it’s her house. She comes back with a burger and then looks in another fridge for a bit.

Meanwhile, two McDonald’s employees are seen right behind her. One makes a phone call and the other appears to be holding back tears while filming with her phone.

The unruly lady, cursing the entire time, then takes a water bottle and allegedly throws it at an employee. She’s arrested by two cops shortly after. ABC reports that she was charged with disorderly behavior, property damage for damaging a door, and assault. She was released on bail and will appear in court this March.

The comments online seem to unanimously agree that fast-food workers have put up with way too much abuse recently. They also noted that the McDonald’s employees maintained impressive composure. One male employee could actually be seen walking in for his shift and acting like the crazy lady didn’t even exist.

“She’s been watching watching too much American tiktok,” the top comment read.

Fast-Food Employees Have Been Getting Severely Abused Recently

Crazy stories of fast-food workers putting up with rude and disorderly customers have been on the rise lately. Just last month, another McDonald’s employee south of Adelaide, Australia was punched by a customer when he brought his food to his car. And another Mickey Dee’s employee at the Hindley Street location was spat on this past October.

On the other side of the world, a recent brawl at a Waffle House in Austin went viral after two women completely lost their minds. They were seen jumping the counter as cooks joined in the fight. Everyone was throwing punches, grabbing hair, and at one point a glass coffee maker was thrown. The coup de grâce was when the women threw restaurant chairs at the cashiers before making their exit.

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