Wild Screaming Fight At Golf Course Caught on Camera: ‘F**king Idiot’

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Whoever said golf was a gentleman’s game? Theoretically, the sport is supposed to be played peacefully, in relative silence, with the occasional scream after a bad shot, or a polite clap after a nice one.

But somebody forgot the tell two guys in Australia — as could be evidenced by a video of the screaming match at a Melbourne golf course.

This is often the case these days, the entire episode was caught on camera and circulating for all the world to see.

It began when a man in a red shirt, who claimed to be 61-years-old, was walking down a fairway and began yelling at a younger man in a red shirt. It appeared the older man was upset about red-shirt guy walking in the fairway when the older man was trying to take a shot.

A few f-bombs later, the two men come nose-to-nose, with the older one telling the younger one to “take the first shot.” He wasn’t referring to his next swing at the ball.

Wild Screaming Match At Golf Course Caught on Camera

β€œCome on c**t, I’ll f**king smash you. You’re a f**king idiot,” the man in the red shirt said. This after the older guy threatened to sue him for assault.

The man in the red shirt then walked away, with an older, seemingly cooler head intervening. But first, the man in red asked why the older man was “hitting up on us.”

β€œI am not hitting up on you,” the older man yelled back.

β€œWell you f**king are when we are there you stupid c**t. You are a f**king idiot,” red shirt man responded.

After things calmed down, the older man told his own group he was shaking and intended to file a complaint with the golf course.

One viewer perhaps summed up the incident best, speaking for many by writing: “Everything I hate about golfers right there in this video.”

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