Wild Street Fighter Brawl Erupted During World Series Parade

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

The Houston Astros overtook the Philadelphia Phillies to win the World Series, and that can only mean one thing — a championship parade was taking place.

And that generally leads to some celebrating, some drinking and you guessed it, some fighting.

After all, nothing says “my favorite team is champs” like exchanging blows with other fans. So that is indeed what happened, and was captured on video, at the Astros’ championship parade.

This particular scrap was between two females. One wearing an orange Astros jersey, the other in a black t-shirt, as a large crowd gathered, watched and recorded. Finally, a third woman stepped forward to try to break it up, but doing so with what appeared to be the greatest of care.

Wild Street Fighter Brawl Erupts

What we don’t know is if the police got involved or if anyone sustained any injuries beyond perhaps a hint of battered pride.

Per the New York Post, no less than 1 million people attended the parade. And like the Astros themselves, some of those in the crowd clearly had a few successful swings. In all seriousness, what is going on with all of these wild brawls popping up out of nowhere? I swear there isn’t a week where we don’t see a brawl occurring! Basketball game? Brawl. Soccer game? Brawl. Baseball game? Brawl.

What is happening, humans need to calm down a little bit. Especially women, since most of these brawls involve women mostly. Like this enormous 6 female street fight that occurred last week. The question here is…what leads up to the messy fights? What is so bad that you have to make a fool out of yourself and other?

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