Wild Video Shows Car Slam Into Florida Cop Cruiser During Traffic Stop

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

A routine traffic stop in Florida proved just how prophetic a police officer can be. Or in this case, a sheriff’s deputy told a group of men he pulled over to get out and away from the vehicle, given that they could get hit on the busy roadway.

Moments later, his cruiser got hit.

“What did I tell you boys?” the officer is heard telling the group after the impact. “I just told them that this could happen. And then this happens.”

Car Slam Into Florida Cop Cruiser During Traffic Stop

Police say only the driver and passenger of the vehicle that slammed into the cruiser were injured. Though it’s not considered anything serious.

Everyone else, clearly, was lucky they listened to the deputy and got out of the way, further from the side of the road.

“Come up on the grass, man, I don’t want you getting smushed in between the cars, in case someone hits us,” a deputy told the group, via bodycam footage.

That advice right there may have saved lives. Still, this is truly terrifying, thank God the men weren’t injured. You can see the panic on the men’s faces as soon as the car hit the other car. Things would have turned sour real quick if they were standing a few steps away. I guess the police officer saved a few lives that day, he should be proud! Give him the key to the city, a significant raise, and call it a day! Also, be carefu7l out there, drivers! Learn how to follow the speed limits.

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