Wild Video Shows Man Being Zapped By Falling Power Line on Train Platform

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Talk about a shocker. A ticket inspector in eastern India was zapped by a power line, and the event is electrifying the Internet after it was captured on video. The incident reportedly happened at Kharagpur Junction railway station in West Bengal State.

In the clip, the man can be seen talking to another employee when the power line snaps and hits his upper body, causing him to fall onto the subway tracks after his clothes ignite. Obviously, the video is slowed down to show what happened, but man, I wouldn’t doubt it if he did fall in slow motion. It’s truly insane, what a way to get the surprise of your life. This man was probably having a good day too. Geesh, Louise.

He lies motionless for several seconds, rolls onto his side, and is eventually helped onto a stretcher and carried to safety. CCTV captured the footage.

Man is Zapped By Falling Power Line on Train Platform

β€œWe don’t know the exact reason but there were some decorative wires that probably injured the TTE. Fortunately, he is stable,” Kharagpur DRM Mohammad Sujat Hashmi told India Today. “The official is alright and we spoke to him.”

Not surprisingly, an investigation into the incident has been launched, with some suspecting the power line defect was caused by birds. They apparently were at least. Who knows what caused this crazy incident but it sure is terrifying. I wouldn’t want to be in his shoes at all. Does anyone, really!?

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