Wild Video Shows Woman Rescuing Dog Wedged in Store Window

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

How a puppy got stuck in a storefront window is anyone’s guess, but in New York, you never know what you might find.

And that is precisely what a TikTok video revealed — a dog wedged in the window at the mui mui department store in London. It also showed what was presumably a worker rescuing the dog while onlookers stood by and cheered her on.

@tatortotsandmoonshine A miracle on bond street 🫢 #london #puppy ♬ original sound – t

The rescuer used a coat hanger to latch onto the dog’s harness and lift it to safety — though it took a couple of attempts.

In the end, however, the dog was saved, the rescuer received some serious applause, and mui mui got some free positive publicity.”

“They need to change the name to woof woof now,” one comment read, and there may be something to that. Honestly, give this woman the keys to the city, and unlimited shopping gift cards to mui mui. She’s the real hero here, saved the dog from staying there forever.

Also, can we just talk about the crowd just looking out for the dog? The cheering when she hooks the coat hanger and the clapping begins is truly beautiful. It’s so nice knowing that we can all agree on one thing, dogs are truly the best thing on the planet. So yeah, let’s help them at all costs, and let’s all be good humans that help each other.

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