Woman Allegedly Hires A Hitman To Kill The Partner of A Man She Met on Match.com


Authorities arrested a woman in Tennessee who was accused of attempting to hire a hitman to murder the partner of a man she had met on an online dating website.

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Incident Details

Melody Sasser used the dark web to visit the Online Killers Market, a website that offers hitman-for-hire services. With the username “cattree”, she supposedly placed an order worth nearly $10,000 to have the spouse of a man she had encountered on Match.com killed.

“It needs to seem random or accident[al]. Or plant drugs, do not want a long investigation. She recently moved in with her new husband,” her murder-for-hire request stated.

Authorities were notified of a murder request, and the intended victim was told of the supposed plan to have her killed, according to the complaint. The husband of the alleged target stated in a police interview that he had encountered Sasser on the dating website Match.com.

When the target revealed to Sasser that she and the man were engaged, Sasser replied, “I hope you both fall off a cliff and die.” 

The person who was allegedly targeted said that Sasser, who lives in Knoxville, Tennessee, arrived at their home without warning after finding out that the couple had gotten engaged.

Additional Reports

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The target reported that her vehicle had been damaged and that she had received threatening phone calls that could not be traced.

It is alleged that Sasser was keeping track of the victim and her husband’s location using a fitness app on their Garmin watches.

“I have waited for 2 months and 11 days and the job is not completed… does it need to be assigned to someone else? Will it be done? What is the delay?” she allegedly wrote.

Sasser is accused of arranging a murder. It is not known if she has entered any plea. She is due to appear in court on Thursday.

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