Woman Buried Alive By Husband Calls 911 From Her Apple Watch

Thurston County Sheriff's Office

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

A Washington woman managed to escape a shallow grave allegedly made by her husband via modern technology. She actually used her Apple Watch to place a call to 911 from the grave, police said, as relayed by Today.

The woman managed to make the emergency call despite not only being underground but with duct tape wrapped around her neck, face and ankles.

Police first responded to a call from what they described as a screaming woman who sounded as if she had been gagged. Eventually, a sheriff’s deputy was able to locate her. She was hiding behind a shed in the couple’s front yard at 1 in the morning.

Washington Woman Buried Alive Escapes Shallow Grave

Once discovered, she told police that he had been in the middle of a conversation with her husband about divorce and money. That’s when he clearly lost it.

Her husband, Chae Kyong An, 53, is now facing multiple recommended charges, including attempted murder, kidnapping and assault.

Per Today:

“Police obtained surveillance video from neighbors of Kyong An’s van parked at the home. They also have video of him pulling into the garage with the van and then speeding out of the neighborhood, the probable cause report said.”

This matches with his wife’s report to police. In which she told police her husband took her somewhere in a van and placed her on the ground upon arrival. She then heard a digging sound, before her husband allegedly placed her in a hole in the ground. He then allegedly started to cover her with dirt.

“She was drug and put into the ground. … A heavy tree was put on top of her,” the probable cause document said. “After being put into the ground she could hear her husband walking around the hole and dirt being put on top of her.”

She managed to continue breathing by squirming around, the document said.

“The hole appeared to be freshly dug. Outside the hole was a piece of duct tape,” the report said.

Prior to digging and placing her in a shallow grave, the husband also allegedly stabbed his wife in the chest.

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