This woman says she got a nasty surprise with her new jeans from a top online retailer

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Videos by Rare

Christine Evans was in for quite the bout of nausea when she said she opened her new pair of jeans from Nordstrom and discovered a dirty thong in the package.

She posted a photo of the nasty surprise to her Twitter and tagged Nordstom in her complaint, writing, “After many years of loyalty to your company, I was appalled at the lack of customer service you gave me when I received a pair of not your daughter’s jeans with a dirty and worn womens thong in the front pocket.”

Evans claims that she called customer service but that “the response was not adequate with company standards and the customer service [Nordstrom prides itself] on.”

Nordstrom did end up responding to Evans later the same day. A representative of the company wrote, “We’re sorry for any disappointment caused, Christine. Could you please send us a [direct message] with more details including your order number? We’d like to look into this.”

Evans said that the company offered her a replacement pair of jeans but also said that “nothing else can be done.” She added, “I would imagine that a company such as this one could do more for a loyal, card-holding customer.” She also said that she’s a nurse and called the “health hazards” of the pair of panties “astounding.”

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On Nordstrom’s site, the “Not Your Daughter’s Jeans” range in price from $52 to $134. There are dozens of different styles with different cuts — The Sun reports that Evans ordered the “Alina Stretch Ankle Jeans.”

Nordstrom has found themselves in a number of puddles of hot water in the past year. There was a controversy when the company dropped Ivanka Trump’s brand, citing low performance. They also incurred plenty of criticism when they sold what was essentially a rock wrapped in leather for $85 in the 2016 Christmas season.

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