Woman Gives Birth 48 Hours After Learning She’s Pregnant

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Videos by Rare

Life comes at you fast. Sometimes, new life comes at you even faster.

That was the story for Peyton Stover, 23, of Omaha, Nebraska. She was pregnant for quite some time — but only realized it a mere 48 hours before delivering her child.

In fact, when she went to visit her doctor, she said he told her, “you’re having a baby in 15 minutes.”

Until that point, Stover said, her lone symptom was feeling tired from time to time. But she chalked that up to a new job. After her doctor delivered the news, it appears some double-checking was in order.

New Mom Nearly Dies From Unexpected Pregnancy

“They ran the test again she said, ‘It’s positive. We’re going to do an ultrasound,” Stover told KETV. “She looked right at the screen and said, ‘You’re definitely pregnant.”

Per News 18, however, the doctor’s visit revealed that her liver and kidneys weren’t functioning properly. Her blood pressure was also high. Stover and the baby were in danger.

So doctors did the logical thing and ordered an immediate C-section. Eventually, a baby boy named Kash was delivered. He weighed just more than 2 pounds.

But all has ended well, as Stover and her son are healthy and together, with her boyfriend and Kash’s father.

As an interesting aside, Kash was born on Stover’s birthday. That is what you call a surprise party that will last a lifetime. Be careful out there ladies, there might be a baby in your belly without you knowing. Also, how does someone go without knowing they are pregnant fore 9 months? This is wild.

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