Woman Goes Viral for Detailing Tinder Date With Idaho Suspect Bryan Kohberger

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A woman has gone viral on social media after detailing a Tinder date she had with Idaho murder suspect Bryan Kohberger. Hayley posted a TikTok video that has already garnered over 1.4 million views. And now the public won’t leave her alone.

TikToker Detailed Tinder Date Because of Internet Rumors Based on a Single Facebook Comment


#stitch with @__summer_sunshine__ Bryan was not even the creepiest Tinder date I’ve been on. Stay safe and always trust your gut. #bryankohberger #idahocollegestudents #idahomurders #tinderdate

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Hayley says that her TikTok video was in response to a brief Facebook comment that she’d left about going on a date with Kohberger. A rumor quickly spread that Hayley was his girlfriend. She said that platforms including Reddit contained untrue stories about her, so she wanted to clear the air and explain what actually happened.

Hayley, who is married now, went on a few Tinder dates when she was 18 and 19 years old. She met up with Bryan Kohberger on only one occasion, 7 years ago, and says she doesn’t know much about him. Hayley says that the entire course of their conversation and meeting lasted about 24 hours from start to finish.

On their date, Hayley says that Kohberger “wasn’t even the creepiest Tinder date” she’d ever been on. For the most part, there was nothing unusual about him. They went out to see a movie and she can’t remember what it was. In a follow-up TikTok where she was answering questions, Hayley says she thinks it may have had Bruce Willis and that Kohberger chose the film. She remembers that she didn’t really want to watch it but did anyways.

Hayley Says Bryan Kohberger Date Was Mostly Normal Until He Invited Himself Inside

Hayley says that Kohberger was quiet but not exactly awkward, and that he held doors open for her. He drove her home after the movie and he “invited himself inside,” suggesting that they watch a Netflix film inside her dorm at Pennsylvania State. She says they chatted for a while in the car and that there weren’t any red flags until they went inside.

“He kept trying to touch me, not like inappropriately, just like trying to tickle and like, rub my shoulders and stuff,” she said. “And I was like, ‘Why are you touching me or what are you doing?'”

Hayley says that Kohberger responded by trying to gaslight her, denying that he was touching her at all. She then got up to go to the [shared dormitory] bathroom and he followed her and waited outside. She says that she pretended to throw up so that he would leave. Kohberger then messaged her on Tinder that he was leaving.

“About an hour later, he texted me and said I had good birthing hips, so I never talked to him again,” she said.

The public has taken a keen interest in everything Hayley has to say. This has led to a stream of follow-ups where she answers questions and defends herself from trolls. The TikToker is also getting bullied, with people making comments about her choice to not sleep with Kohberger, her hair color, and her weight. Some are blaming her for attention-seeking behaviors.

Hayley Just Wants People to Be Careful When Meeting Strangers From Online

“I am not at all trying to undermine the fact that Bryan was arrested and is under trial for killing these people,” Hayley said. “However, if a couple months ago someone lined up every Tinder date I’ve been on and said to me, ‘which one of these people do you think would end up being a murderer?’ Bryan would not have been my first or second choice.”

Hayley reiterated that she only wants to warn people who use dating apps like Tinder. She says to consider taking safety precautions before meeting strangers.

“Please be safe,” Hayley said in another post. “It is so easy to just tell your friends what you’re doing, who you’re meeting up with, what their profile looks like. Please let someone know. Anyone. If you don’t have someone trusted, please let me know. Let anyone know.”

Bryan Kohberger was arrested last month at his parent’s house in Pennsylvania. He was extradited to Idaho, where he is currently standing trial. He was accused of fatally stabbing 3 women and one man in a house near the University of Idaho campus in November. Kohberger is a Ph.D. student and assistant teacher at the Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology at Washington State University.

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