Woman Says She Was Shamed For Her Workout Outfit at an All-Women’s Gym

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Apparently, if you’re a female, you need to be careful what you wear around other females. That is what a woman said after what she wore to an all-female gym was allegedly widely criticized. Seriously. TikTok user Kerry Rose Schwartz said she dreaded going to regular gyms her entire life, as she suffers from body dysmorphia.

So she found a fitness center strictly for women — only to find it had its own set of drawbacks. Namely, her body-shaping leggings were strongly looked down upon, she said.

“They actually said something to me that made me feel so uncomfortable that I never want to go back there again,” she said in her video.

Kerry Rose Schwartz on TikTok

@comfywith_kerry I was shamed at my gym for wearing the “TikTok leggings”… what are your thoughts on this?! ##gym##fitness ♬ 【No drums】 Emotional space-like epic … – MoppySound

Schwartz said this was such a huge disappointment because she had finally found a gym in which “she felt comfortable” after years of trying.

“My initial reaction was confusion and shock,” she continued. “And then it was more like embarrassment. I almost felt shamed, even though I shouldn’t.”

She added that she felt like the gym was a “safe space” and that “I wasn’t wearing anything inappropriate.”

Other women at the gym, however, told her that her leggings were distracting and offensive, Schwartz said.

“I was like ‘Offensive?” she said. “If I was walking around in a thong or something, maybe then I would understand.”

Schwartz went on to show her viewers a picture of herself in the leggings, then asked for their comments on if what she wore was truly controversial.

“Now I feel self-conscious all over again,” she concluded.

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