Woman Shoots McDonald’s Employees for Not Allowing Her to Dine-In

via Oklahoma City Police Department

If you’ve ever hit a fast food joint at certain times of the day, you know it wouldn’t be a shock if heinous crimes were going down. I’m talking about those moments after closing the bar down and drunkenly stumbling into a Whataburger, Mcdonald’s, or Taco Bell. Homeless people tend to wander in, and there’s a sketchy atmosphere when that dark 3:00 am time hits. But you go anyways because a greasy burger is the best way to end a night out.

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Well, ever since the coronavirus pandemic caused restaurants to take extra precautions by offering delivery or drive-thru only, suddenly that dark 3:00 am time of crazy can now be seen at all times of the day. And these poor Mcdonald’s employees in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, have definitely seen it.

According to Oklahoma City Police Department, three Mcdonald’s employees got lucky that their injuries weren’t life-threatening after Gloricia Woody shot them with her handgun. Why did she do this? She was upset that the Mcdonald’s employees would not allow her to eat inside the dining area.

Yes, I am saying despite the coronavirus restrictions that have been placed all across the United States (and the rest of the world!), this woman resorted to gun violence because people were doing their part to protect public health. It’s not like anyone else was in this Mcdonald’s dining room anyways, and this crazy lady still had the opportunity to get her food!

How did this start? Apparently, after these poor employees told her she couldn’t enter the dining area, there was an initial physical altercation that gave another employee a head injury. Then, she went to her car to grab her handgun. She hit two employees with shrapnel and the third employee was hit in the arm. She ran off, only for Oklahoma City police to find her a few blocks away.

Luckily, all the employees are going to be okay. Aside from that, can COVID-19 cause any more craziness? When I think I’ve seen all the ridiculousness, I hear about one of these stories.

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