Sister Charged With Stabbing Identical Twin to Death

Amanda Ramirez, 27, is being accused of fatally stabbing her identical twin sister inside their Camden, New Jersey, apartment. According to authorities, the stabbing occurred around 5:30 a.m. when Amanda attacked Anna Ramirez without warning. Authorities had responded to reports of an unconscious woman, finding Anna lying on the ground. She was immediately rushed to Cooper University Hospital but was pronounced dead 40 minutes after.

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The Camden County Prosecutor’s Office stated that authorities found bloody footprints leading to Amanda’s apartment and believe the twins struggled over the knife before Anna ended up with it in her chest. Amanda had visible blood stains on her clothing. When asked why she stabbed her sister, Amanda allegedly told police several different stories about the killing.

At first, she claimed she had discovered her sister was injured but didn’t know who stabbed her or when she was stabbed. She eventually confessed that she had only stabbed her after they began to fight and her sister came at her with the knife first. Many were in disbelief of the stabbing after Anna had posted a picture of the pair hour before the killing.

The 27-year-old stated her sister and friend left a relative’s home early morning hours when they got the Centennial Village apartments and her sister started a fight by striking her in the face. The sisters then exchanged multiple blows and Amanda “ended up on her knees. The statement read, “Amanda Ramirez stated she and her sister exchanged multiple blows and she (Amanda Ramirez) ultimately ended up on her knees. She claimed her sister then went into the residence, retrieved a knife, and approached her brandishing the knife. Amanda Ramirez stated she struggled with her sister for control of the knife and she ultimately stabbed her sister in the chest.”

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Amanda had visible injuries including scratches on her face and head, dried blood in her ear and cuts on her left index finger. She initially told police she didn’t know where she put the knife, but when police checked the apartment they found a kitchen knife that preliminarily tested positive for blood. Amanda was charged with aggravated manslaughter and was taken to the Camden County Correctional Facility where she is awaiting a pretrial detention hearing to determine if she will be eligible to post bond.

According to Anna’s obituary, she was a mother of three and worked as a certified nursing assistant. A GoFundMe page was set up to raise money for funeral arrangements with a goal of $10,000.

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