Woman Suffered Brutal Wounds After Buck Attacks Her in Driveway

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Deer are generally docile, or even sheepish and scared. But if they feel threatened, it can be a different manner. One Wyoming woman discovered this the hard way, when a large buck attacked her, using his antlers as weapons.

The incident took place in Evanston, Wyo., not far from the state’s border with Utah, and in the woman’s driveway. The woman, Wanda Kaynor, attempted to protect her dog by striking the deer, but then became the animal’s target. Her husband, Daniel Kaynor, was also gored once.

A nearby UPS driver was able to lift Kaynor into her car and to safety, and a neighbor arrived to drive her to the hospital. The deer was eventually euthanized by a Wyoming Game and Wildlife official — a custom when a large animal such as this one becomes overly aggressive with people.

The entire incident was captured by the Ring camera in the family’s home.

Woman Suffered Brutal Wounds After Buck Attacks Her

Some believe the buck would have left peacefully had Kaynor not shown aggressiveness toward it. Generally, that is the case with deer.

That said, her husband told KSL that she was traumatized by the incident. “I was pretty traumatized myself,” he added.

Both Wanda and Daniel are expected to make a full recovery.

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