Woman Suing Bar for Serving Her Alcohol After She Caused $9 Million Explosion

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A woman who was kicked out of a bar and crashed her car while intoxicated is suing the bar that served her alcohol. Daniella Leis, 26, crashed her car into a house and caused a $9 million explosion when the gas line was severed. She was sentenced to 3 years in prison but wants the bar to take some part of the blame.

Daniella Leis Is Suing Bar After She Was Ejected at Marilyn Manson Concert, Crashed Her Car Into a Gas Line that Exploded

Leis, of Waterloo, Canada, says she became intoxicated while at a Marilyn Manson concert at London’s Budweiser Gardens in 2019. According to CBC news, Leis says she was “ejected” from the venue. But no one at the venue checked to ensure she had a safe form of transportation, i.e., a sober driver or taxi.

Specifically, Leis is suing the Ovations Ontario Food Services company, the concessions company that was responsible for alcohol sales at the Marilyn Manson concert. Her lawsuit claims include that she was served alcohol when already intoxicated, that the bouncers were not properly trained to deal with customer safety, and that she was essentially forced to drive herself home due to the bar and venue not assisting her after making her leave, which ultimately led to the crash and explosion.

Daniella Leis left the Budweiser Gardens venue on August 14, 2019. She subsequently started driving the wrong way on Queen’s Avenue. She crashed into a brick residence. First responders pulled her out of her car before the gas line exploded about 15 minutes after the crash. Debris flew over 650 feet away and four houses were destroyed by the blast.

Lawsuit Claims Bar Should Take Responsibility for Explosion Because They Served Her Alcohol

There were no fatalities, luckily. But seven people were injured and two firefighters were left with “life-altering injuries” while attempting to put the fire out. Leis pleaded guilty to four counts of bodily harm caused by impaired driving and was faced with further lawsuits.

It’s not clear if the bar will be penalized in any way or if Leis will succeed in suing them. Laws there may differ, but in the United States, servers and businesses can be held liable. There are liabilities for bars that serve alcohol to customers who later injure themselves or others. Penalties can range from civil to criminal, from jail time to a loss of liquor license.

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  1. UK law is irrelevant here. The events occurred in CANADA, specifically in London, Ontario.

    Does anyone actually research any of this before they write the articles?

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