Woman Welcomes Baby With Girlfriend Thanks to Ex-Husbands Sperm

<a href=https://people.com/human-interest/woman-welcomes-baby-girlfriend-ex-husband-sperm-donor-all-live-together-exclusive-real-life-love/COURTESY OF LINDA FRUITS

37-year-old influencer and blogger Linda Fruits and her girlfriend welcomed a baby boy into the world this past Tuesday, and it was all thanks to the mommy blogger’s ex-husband, 37-year-old Chris Harrington. Fruits got married to Harrington in 2016, and the two shared a Flordia home and two sons, but Harrington is now also a sperm donor to his ex and now-close friend.

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Fruits and her girlfriend Maddy, who now live together, met on the lesbian dating app, HER. Fruits told People about the birth of baby Arlo, saying, “Maddy woke me up at 3:00 a.m. saying she thought her water broke. We quickly showered and headed to the hospital and by 6:03 p.m. we had our beautiful boy, Arlo — all 6.8 lbs. and 19 inches of him. I was just so pleased he was here and Maddy was okay.”

Woman’s Ex-Husband Donates Sperm to Her Girlfriend

Fruits continued, “Watching Maddy give birth (and being on the other side of the bed) was absolutely incredible. My eyes were flooded with tears of love, joy and relief. The whole birthing process can either strengthen a bond, or break one and I have never been more in love with her than I am this very moment.”

Despite feeling a deep connection with Harrington, Fruits described feeling as though being intimate with her husband “felt like an obligation or something.” After diving deep into “lesbian TikTok” and feeling attraction for the content creators, Fruits realized that she was not attracted to men, but to women.

After she came out to her husband, Fruits and Harrington decided to get a divorce but they still wanted to keep the bond and friendship that they shared. The two still lived in the home together and co-parented their two children, and started dating other people.

After dating Maddy for a few months and falling head-over-heels in love, Fruits asked Harrington if he would be willing to donate sperm so she and her girlfriend could have a child. Not only did Harrington jump at the idea, but he decided he wanted to help raise the child as well.

Fruits and Harrington may be currently going through a divorce, but they still live happily together, along with Maddy and their now three children, calling themselves “The Fruity Bunch.” Fruits recalled a moment when her oldest son asked her why Maddy was living with them, to which she replied, “Some people only have one parent in a house who loves them. Some have two. But we’re lucky enough that we have three parents who are here to watch over you. It makes Mommy a better person and it makes Papa a better person. Maddy helps us be happier.

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