Workers kicked police officers out of Cheesecake Factory for a rule that wasn’t company policy Inform/screenshot

Police officers with the Department of Corrections report that they were kicked out of a Cheesecake Factory location in Tacoma, Wash., on Tuesday because they had their firearms.

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The company has since said there is no corporate policy that prohibits law enforcement from carrying firearms.

“They had seated us in the back area,” Miriam Nichols told KIRO Radio. “Shortly after the rest of our party arrived, we were asked to leave because we were carrying our firearms with us. They said they did not allow firearms in their establishment.”

She said they explained that they were law enforcement and got the same response.

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“They said it didn’t matter and they asked us to leave,” she said. “We left quietly and tried not to make more of a scene than it already was.”

As mentioned, a Cheesecake Factory corporate statement dispelled the notion that law enforcement was barred from being armed:

Our policy is to allow uniformed and identified law enforcement officials to possess their service weapons on our premises. To the extent that there was a miscommunication of our policy, we sincerely apologize.

The incident was called a miscommunication.

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