WWE Boss Vince McMahon Hit With Search Warrant, Incurs Subpoena

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The World Wrestling Entertainment company revealed that their boss, Vince McMahon, was given a subpoena after having a warrant out for him.

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As reported by CNBC, Federal agents were on the hunt for the WWE executive chairman, as of last month. Allegedly, Vince McMahon had sexually assaulted multiple women. He then gave them millions of dollars in hush money, hoping to get away with it. That is the stated reason for the warrant.

Last year, the WWE company did their own investigation of Vince after some similar accusations. They spent roughly $17.4 million, all of which Vince has paid back himself. The self-conducted investigation reportedly turned up no incriminating evidence.

WWE Exec Incurs Subpoena And Warrants From The Feds

WWE shared that from their understanding the warrant from the feds and subsequent subpoena are: “a continuation of the investigation that commenced last summer. WWE has cooperated throughout and fully understands and respects the government’s need for a complete process.”

To add onto WWE’s statement, Vince said himself:”I have always denied any intentional wrongdoing and continue to do so. I am confident that the government’s investigation will be resolved without any findings of wrongdoing.” It is of consequence to note that Vince’s wife, Linda McMahon, served as one of Donald Trump’s Cabinet administrators while he was president. This federal investigation also happens to come on the heels of the latest Trump indictment.

During the investigation, Vince will be on medical leave for surgery on his spine. Although he is under investigation and undergoing major surgery, WWE has confirmed that he will retain his position until further notice.

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