You know you’ve been in the sun too long when the rays actually put a dent in your forehead


Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Most of us have experienced a sunburn, and some of us have gotten it so bad we’ve been bedridden, but have you ever seen the sun dent a person’s head?

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Twitter user Cade Huckabay picked a bad time months back to test out what going bald would be like, as Huckabay soon learned that sunburn is a primary concern.

One of the photos showed that his head was so fried that he poked it with his thumb and left a dent in his head.

“One time I shaved my head, got severely sunburned, & swelled up just a little bit :-)” @CadeHuckabay tweeted, along with photos of his dented forehead.

He joked at his expense that this was his most attractive week on record.

The dent in his head, he revealed, would stay like that for a half an hour.

But why did he shave his head?

“Word to the wise, wear sunscreen,” he said.

Some were amused by the comparisons.

And others were concerned.

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Cade was not bothered. This happened months ago, and he has since recovered.

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