According to a recent genealogy report, Donald Trump is related to Democratic front runner, Hilary Rodham Clinton. They are 19th cousins with ancestors dating back to 18th Century England!

The report reveals that the Duke and Duchess of Lancaster are Trump and Clinton’s 18th great-grandparents. John of Gaut, married Katherine Swynford in the 14-century. Together, they had a daughter, Joan Beaufort, who is an ancestor of Hillary Clinton and a son, John Beaufort, whose descendants include Donald Trump.

In a video on, author A.J. Jacobs studied the genealogy report, stating “Their 19th great grandfather is King Edward III (John’s father) so there is precedent for ruling a country, it’s in their genes.”

He went on to say that both Trump and Clinton can now boast about their royal genes while on the campaign trail.

You’ll never guess who Donald Trump might be related to according to a new genealogy report AP
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