CNN anchor Kate Bolduan struggled to get through a Thursday report.

“This is Omran,” she began, voice cracking. She was referring to the little Syrian boy on screen. He was covered in blood and dust. A video played of him being rescued from the rubble his home in Aleppo, Syria. Though Omran’s home was destroyed by a bomb in an airstrike, he did not cry. He merely sat in the back of an ambulance in shock.

Bolduan reported that more than 250,000 lives, including 4,500 children’s, have been lost after five years of fighting in Syria. While Omran is thankfully not the newest number in that statistic, he unfortunately is now one of the millions who have been displaced.

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“What strikes me as we shed tears,” she said, pointing at herself, “there are no tears here,” referring to Omran’s shocked state. “He’s stunned. Inside his home one minute and the next lost in the flurry and the fury of war and chaos.”

Three people died in the bombing. Bolduan closed with, “This is Omran. We wanted you to know that he’s alive.”

CNN shared Omran’s story with help from the Aleppo Media Center, described as an activist group. Omran and his family survived the bomb and were successfully pulled from their house.

Mustafa al Sarouq, the cameraman who filmed the video, said in another interview that the sight was fairly common:

“Every day we cover these massacres and these war crimes in Aleppo. When we go to the places that have been bombed, regime planes circle around and bomb it again to kill rescue workers that are helping civilians. They kill these people who are trying to rescue people.”

Omran was discharged from the hospital after two hours. His family was reportedly smuggled out of the area and are staying with relatives.

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The full video of his rescue is below, courtesy of Aleppo Media Center’s Facebook page:

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