YouTuber Arrested For Eating a Bat on Camera, Quickly Apologizes to Viewers

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

If there’s one thing no one wants to see in real life, it’s a person eating a bat. But one YouTuber showed herself doing exactly that, anyway.

For her efforts, she was eventually arrested. Then she apologized and deleted the video.

The bat girl goes by the name of Phonchanok Srisunaklua and hails from Thailand. Her YouTube account has about 254,000 subscribers.

Srisunaklua filmed herself downing several Lesser Asiatic yellow bats, considered an endangered species. She dipped them in some sort of red sauce first.

Phonchanok Srisunaklua on Facebook

Phon Kaew Police officers later arrested Srisunaklua on suspicion of violating Thailand’s Wildlife Conservation and Protection Act, which prohibits the “hunting” and “possession” of “preserved or protected wild animals.”

The bats she chose to eat fall under that umbrella.

“I apologize to my fans. I apologize to my colleagues and family for my actions in this matter,” she said in another video. “I apologize for not thinking clearly and carefully. I’m really sorry for doing that. From now on, I will not do what I’ve done in the video. I will not let this happen again.”

For the record, bats don’t make the safest food choice under any circumstance, even when cooked. They carry diseases, and when eaten can lead to issues for humans, including SARS and Ebola, per the National Library of Medicine.

Frankly, when eating bats, getting arrested may be the best thing that can happen to you. So what makes a person decide to do it in the first place? Well, riddle us that, bat girl. Still, bats can’t taste good right? I mean, in my mind…I picture them being chewy. Still, thank you, save the eating to Ozzy Osbourne. Don’t try this in person unless you’re the kind of darkness himself.

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