“2024 Is The Final Battle”: Former President Trump In Iowa (Video)

Former President Trump traveled to Iowa on Monday to deliver remarks about education. On that topic, he proclaimed that he would break up the Federal Department of Education, returning the money to the States.

During his speech, the former President claimed that the 2024 Election is the ‘final battle’. See a clip of that moment below…

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

He can be quoted as saying…

If you put me back in the White House, the reign of the corrupt Washington establishment will be over.

Former President Trump in Iowa.

We also covered a portion of former President Trump’s speech earlier today in which he stated that he would ‘totally obliterate the deep state’. See a clip of that moment below, or read our article

This comes as a recent Republican poll at CPAC saw President Trump garner over 60% of the vote, with Florida Governor Ron Desantis come in at a distant second.

Trump is building momentum going into 2024. Other candidates seem to be left behind.

While Desantis is more polished, Trump provides the bold and fierce statements that will resonate with an America that is feeling left behind during the Biden Administration.

Americans are pissed off, and Trump feeds that anger with statements like this. He relates to their anger, and feels it himself.

The appropriate response to the current state of affairs in Washington D.C. is anger. It should manifest itself in political action to change the current status quo.

Though it will be very interesting to see how the race shakes out, it surely seems that 2024 is Trump’s race to lose.

What do you think?

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