A Democratic congressman said that ISIS is using the travel ban as a recruitment tool, but his sources don’t add up (AP Photo/Alex Brandon, File)
In this Jan. 28, 2017, file photo, U.S. President Donald Trump speaks on the phone with Prime Minister of Australia Malcolm Turnbull in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington. For decades, Australia and the U.S. have enjoyed the coziest of relationships, collaborating on everything from military and intelligence to diplomacy and trade. Yet an irritable tweet President Donald Trump fired off about Australia and a dramatic report of an angry phone call between the nations' leaders proves that the new commander in chief has changed the playing field for even America's staunchest allies. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon, File)

Last week, Congressman Seth Moulton (D-MA) stated on CNN that “ISIS is already using the rhetoric from the Trump administration, the text of this executive order, to incite attacks against us and to recruit more terrorists to their side.” However, earlier today, fact-checking watchdog Politifact rated that statement “mostly false.”

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The Pulitzer prize-winning website reported that while President Trump has been featured in terrorist propaganda videos, the text of his executive order has not been used as a recruitment tool. However, they did note that the president’s campaign rhetoric has been used in Islamic State propaganda films.

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When asked for more information on the ISIS propaganda videos, Moulton’s office directed reporters to the Twitter page of Rita Katz, director of SITE, an intelligence group that monitors terrorist organizations. Katz told Politifact that “at the official level, there have been no direct mentions of the travel ban by ISIS, al-Qaida, or any other major jihadi terrorist organization.” Telegram, the messaging app that the Islamic State uses mostly to recruit and communicate within groups of supporters, has reportedly included a handful of mentions of the travel ban, but there has been no official mention of the ban by the Islamic State, which is the main reason Politifact rated Moulton’s statement “mostly false.”

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