AG Merrick Garland Takes No Questions, Runs Away After David Weiss Announcement (Video)

Attorney General of the United States Merrick Garland took no questions and bolted from the podium today after making the announcement that he has appointed David Weiss as the Special Counsel in the Hunter Biden investigation.

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The press shouted questions to Garland. In the footage of Garland bolting from the podium, reporters can be quoted as asking, “If Weiss had the authorities he needed, why does he need to be a special counsel? Do you still have faith in U.S. Attorney Weiss after the [Hunter Biden] deal fell apart?”

Garland simply ignores the questions, and walks away, possibly taking a page out of the book of his boss, Joe Biden. See that clip of Garland walking away below…

The House Oversight Committee released the following statement on the announcement of David Weiss as the Special Counsel, alleging that this is just another measure to attempt to obscure evidence of Biden family corruption from the American people. That statement reads...

Moments ago, AG Garland announced he is designating U.S. Attorney for Delaware David Weiss as special counsel for the Biden criminal investigation. This is part of the DOJ’s efforts to attempt a Biden family coverup in light of our Committee’s mounting evidence of President Joe Biden’s role in his family’s schemes selling “the brand” for millions of dollars to foreign nationals. The Justice Department’s misconduct and politicization in the Biden criminal investigation already allowed the statute of limitations to run with respect to egregious felonies committed by Hunter Biden. Justice Department officials refused to follow evidence that could have led to Joe Biden, tipped off the Biden transition team and Hunter Biden’s lawyers about planned interviews and searches, and attempted to sneakily place Hunter Biden on the path to a sweetheart plea deal. Let’s be clear what today’s move is really about. The Biden Justice Department is trying to stonewall congressional oversight as we have presented evidence to the American people about the Biden family’s corruption.

Our Committee will continue to follow the Biden family’s money trail and interview witnesses to determine whether foreign actors targeted the Bidens, President Biden is compromised and corrupt, and our national security is threatened. We will also continue to work with the House Committees on

@JudiciaryGOP and

@WaysAndMeansGOP to root out misconduct at the Justice Department and hold bad actors accountable for weaponizing law enforcement powers.

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