‘America Is The World’s Terrorist’: Comedian Jimmy Dore on Tucker Carlson (Video)

Comedian and podcaster Jimmy Dore appeared on Tucker Carlson tonight on February 26th to discuss the Nordstream pipeline controversy.

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Reports are now circulating that the U.S. and pro-Ukrainian forces were the ones who blew up the pipeline last year, though Biden and the rest of his Administration immediately blamed Russia.

Dore said…

“America is the World’s Terrorist, Americans are the most propagandized people in the world” “They don’t even know what’s happening with the Nord Stream pipeline. They think propaganda is something that happens to other people. This is 100% a propaganda war.”

Jimmy Dore on Tucker Carlson Tonight

He added…

Why doesn’t Joe Biden want to investigate this? Why doesn’t Congress want to investigate this?

If the United States was not behind the Nord Stream bombing, why not investigate it? Sweden, Denmark and Norway already did their own investigation, (but) they won’t release it. Why won’t they?

Just like they don’t want to investigate the cause of the Corona virus outbreak – they don’t want to investigate because they already know the answers.

Jimmy Dore on Tucker Carlson Tonight

See a video of Dore’s full segment on Tucker Carlson Tonight below…

This segment is now being shown in independent media across the world. A report that crossed my desk this morning revealed that pro-Ukrainian forces blew up the Nordstream pipeline.

By simply speaking truth on a national platform, Jimmy Dore and Tucker Carlson may have prompted the release of this report.

It is a shining example to all those who see political involvement as unnecessary, or a waste of time. It is never a waste of time to speak truth.

What do you think?

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