Are The Democrats Preparing For Michelle Obama to Run For President in 2024?

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The Democratic National Committee made a subtle move noticed by very few back in February of 2023, altering their Primary schedule for the first time in over one hundred years, replacing New Hampshire as the first Primary destination. New Hampshire has been the first Primary state since 1920, over 100 years ago.


New Hampshire even holds a State law that requires it to be the first Presidential Primary. New Hampshire’s First in the Nation Presidential Primary Law was passed in 1975.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

When asked about this change by local Boston outlet WBUR, DNC Chair Jaime Harrison claimed that the move “continues to make us stronger and elevates the backbone of our party.” It should be noted that Harrison is a South Carolinian.

When asked about this move on CNN, Democrat Representative Jim Clyburn questioned if voters in New Hampshire “How many people in New Hampshire really care about things like Head Start and voting rights?”. A clear racial attack on the primarily white voters of New Hampshire. Take a look at a clip of Clyburn’s comments below…

The decision to move the Primary schedule reportedly came from President Joe Biden, but as we display on a daily basis with video evidence here at Rare, it is questionable as to how capable Joe Biden is of making any kind of decision. How could we expect a person who can barely speak, or walk without getting lost, to make any kind of decision?

Joe Biden is extremely unpopular. His approval rating, spanning his entire career in politics, hit an all-time low at the end of April. When Biden announced his re-election campaign, after bumbling through a non-answer of the Today show with Al Roker, he did not even speak in person.

Biden released a recorded message that was heavily edited. Most importantly, the video failed to focus on Biden at all. It focused on anti-Republican issues. As far as an incumbent President’s announcement for re-election, Biden’s announcement must be the weakest.

What if the Democrats, namely the people controlling and handling Joe Biden, are planning for a replacement?

The Hill openly speculated in March that Michelle Obama may serve as the best chance for Democrats to claim victory in the 2024 Election. That article reads…

If Michelle Obama were to win the 2024 presidential election, and especially if she were to beat Donald Trump if he were the GOP candidate, it would seem to Democrats like justice had been restored.

Political legend Roger Stone has predicted that Michelle Obama will be the Democrat nominee in 2024.

We don’t have to speculate why the Democrats moved their first primary to South Carolina… Representative Clyburn told us exactly why! The Democrats believe that they have a broader appeal to black voters, which there are far more of in South Carolina. It was a decision based on the ethnicity of voters.

Why would the Democrats stop at changing their primary? Why would they halt their racial narratives and agenda? More importantly, if these issues are the focus of the Democrat Party in 2024, how can Joe Biden be their nominee?

Based on statements from Congressional Democrats and DNC Chair Jaime Harrison, I feel that it is safe to assume that the Democratic Party has pulled their focus away from Joe Biden in 2024.

South Carolina is a State that President Obama always did well in. It makes sense for the Democrats to move South Carolina to the forefront of their Primary schedule, especially if they are intent on replacing Joe Biden with Michelle Obama.

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