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Barbra Streisand definitely isn’t a President Donald Trump fan, and she’s said on multiple occasions how much she dislikes the president — once even blaming him for her weight gain.

On Friday night, the singer took another shot at Trump, saying that he should be impeached “for sheer stupidity.”

Streisand’s remark came after Trump shot off a tweet saying that parts of America could be experiencing the coldest year on record, and saying, “We could use a little bit of that good old global warming.” Streisand wasn’t the only one who got a little angry with Trump’s logic; Chelsea Handler wrote, “Hey dumbass, global warming doesn’t only mean extreme heat; it means extreme weather.”

A string of climate scientists also blasted Trump’s tweet, with one saying, “There is still hunger in the world, even if you just had a big mac” and another writing “poverty isn’t real because I just got paid.”

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Streisand also attacked Trump’s knowledge of other specific subjects in a tweet that referenced President Trump’s New York Times interview from last week. In what might be an effort to show their transparency, the Times has begun releasing the long excerpts from Trump’s interviews with their reporters, but he didn’t mention climate change during that interview.

As for climate change, pretty much all of the scientists agree that it’s happening and most of them agree that humans are part of the reason — a now-famous research paper looked at all of the research papers on the phenomenon and found that roughly 97% of them pointed to that conclusion.

Trump’s administration has pushed hard against the idea that climate change is real. His EPA removed most of the references to the phenomenon from their site and Trump changed the Obama-era policy of considering it a threat to national security.


But, unfortunately for Barbra Streisand, there’s zero chance that Trump will be impeached for “sheer stupidity.” Impeachment proceedings are brought up in the House of Representatives, and though the Democrats have tried to impeach Trump a number of times, they’ll have a tough time defending a decision to remove the commander-in-chief out of “sheer stupidity.”

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