Biden After Serious Fall: “I Got Sandbagged!” (Video)

A viral moment occurred at the Air Force Academy graduation ceremony yesterday when President Joe Biden fell flat on his face on the stage. We covered that moment at Rare.

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See a clip of the devastating fall below. Biden hits the ground, unable to stand on his own. People rush to the President, picking him off of the ground. See that moment below…

Media outlets around the Nation began to air the clip, with mainstream outlets claiming that the President “popped right back up”. Eager to spin this display of total deterioration as a simple mistake, Biden joked with reporters at the White House that he was “sandbagged”. See a clip of that moment below…

This latest fall from Biden is yet another part of a pattern. A pattern of deterioration that has been escalating ever since Joe first announced his campaign for President in 2019.

Just earlier at that same event, Biden had to be given directions several times during a simple walk to the stage. See a clip of that moment below…

Live5News reports on the fall…

President Joe Biden quipped that he got “sandbagged” Thursday after he tripped and fell — but was uninjured — while onstage at the U.S. Air Force Academy graduation.

Biden had been greeting the graduates in Colorado Springs, Colorado, at the front of the stage with salutes and handshakes, and turned to jog back toward his seat when he fell. He was helped up by an Air Force officer as well as two members of his U.S. Secret Service detail.

Onlookers, including some members of the official delegation onstage, watched in concern before Biden, who at age 80 is the oldest president in U.S. history, returned to his seat to view the end of the ceremony.

“I got sandbagged,” the president told reporters with a smile when he arrived back at the White House on Thursday evening before pretending to jog into the residence. Two small black sandbags had been onstage supporting the teleprompter used by Biden and other speakers at the graduation.

What do you think?

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