Biden Appears To Get Lost In Graveyard On Way To Delaware Mass

President Joe Biden attended Mass in Wilmington, Delaware on the last day of his extensive 10-day vacation. On the way to the church, it appeared as if Biden became lost in a graveyard.

Videos by Rare

Strange photos showed the President walking amongst tombstones. See a few of those photos below…

Biden’s vacation comes as Hunter Biden’s sweetheart DOJ plea deal was tossed out by a Delaware Judge. Are Biden’s handlers attempting to keep Biden out of the spotlight during the height of Hunter Biden’s controversy?

As Biden has vacationed, Kamala Harris has stepped into the limelight. She traveled to Wisconsin to deliver a speech on broadband internet access. Harris also delivered remarks in the Congress Heights neighborhood of Washington D.C., and welcomed the Mongolian Prime Minister to the White House.

Biden, on the other hand, has been seen biking, relaxing on the beach, and heading to the movie theater in order to see ‘Oppenheimer’. See photos of Biden at his mass below…

Biden’s current approval rating sits at a dismal 41.2%, with 54.4% disapproving of his work as President. Biden remains one of the most unpopular Presidents in modern American history.

Kamala Harris isn’t doing any better. Harris is currently sitting at a 39.6% approval rating, with a 52.3% disapproval rating.

Even President Trump, who the media attacked and maligned for having ‘low approval ratings’ was not this unpopular. The Biden Administration has been a total catastrophe, and the American people are making that known.

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