Biden Auctioning Off Pieces Of The Southern Border Wall

President Joe Biden is selling off millions of dollars’ worth of unused pieces of the unfinished border wall on GovPlanet.

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Not that the border wall is finished, of course.  But if one’s intent is to never actually finish the border wall, then it’s safe to call these parts of the wall “extra.”

Up for grabs are the 28-foot-tall steel structural tubes that form the “fence boards” of the wall.  Each steel beam has had a winning bid price of about $212 each.  So far, over 700 beams have been sold in each of five lots, getting the federal government a little over $150,000 per lot.

Rather coincidentally, the pieces were put up for sale right after the Finish It Act was introduced into the Senate back in May.  This bill, introduced by Republican Senators Ted Cruz, Joni Ernst, and Roger Wicker, would compel the federal government to either extend the border wall as to use these unused pieces, or to transfer these unused pieces to states that can use them.

The New York Post first noticed an increase in GovPlanet auctions after the Finish It Act was introduced.  An additional increase in GovPlanet activity was noted right after the Senate’s annual defense budget was proposed, which included money to complete the border wall.  Some Republicans believe that Biden is trying to accelerate the sale of the border wall pieces as to make completing the wall more difficult.

The border wall wasn’t always controversial.  In fact, the Secure Fence Act of 2006 that pushed the development of the border wall was actually passed with bipartisan support.  The border wall was only deemed “unnecessary” after Democrats hit on the strategy of using illegal aliens as a path towards increasing their voter base.

The $15 billion that Trump received from Congress to expand and improve the border wall was cancelled when Joe Biden took office.  Biden said the $15 billion was a “waste of money that diverts attention from genuine threats to our homeland security.”  Biden has since left $80 billion in military equipment and weapons to the Taliban, and sent an additional $75 billion to Ukraine to fund the proxy war against Russia.

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  1. Biden is a very stupid want to be president all our problems started when he was elected. He does not no anything about economics he is a moron.

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