Biden Economic Advisor Called Out For Bragging About Gas Prices In Fox News Interview (Video)

Fox News recently aired an interview with top Biden Economic Advisor Jared Bernstein. During the interview, Bernstein attempted to brag about gas prices under the Biden Administration.

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Bernstein can be quoted as saying, “Look, here’s a good way to think about it, because we’ve had rising wages and falling prices. A year ago, if you pulled up to the pump, you could get 5.5 gallons of gas for an hour of work for a middle wage worker. So you pull up to the pump, it takes an hour of work to get 5.5 gallons, now you get 8 gallons for that hour of work, OK? So that’s a 40+% improvement…”

The host then interjects, saying, “Let’s talk about where we started, because when he took office it was $2.39 a gallon, now it’s about $3.60 a gallon, so we’re still, in less than two years, in a worse place.”

Bernstein then stutters all over himself, responding, “So it depends on, yes, it depends on, it depends on what your benchmark is.”

See that epic confrontation below…

As the Biden Administration continues its attempt to distort reality as it pertains to the dismal state of the American economy, it is almost certain that confrontations like this will continue to occur.

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