Biden Energy Secretary Confirms Plan To Ban Certain Gas Stoves (Video)

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm appeared before Congress today to discuss the Biden Administration’s budget request for the Department of Energy in 2024.

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During her questioning, Granholm admitted that the Biden Administration plans to ban certain gas stoves from public use. See a clip of that moment below…

This comes as Granholm laughed off claims that the Biden Administration wanted to ban gas stoves earlier this month.

Granholm mocked those saying her Department of Energy wants to ban gas stoves. When asked about the potential ban, Granholm stated…

Oh my gosh! I hope you’re kidding! Honestly that is such a blown up, ridiculous thing!

Energy Secretary Granholm

See a clip of that moment below…

Just as President Obama assured Americans that they could ‘keep their doctor’ after passing the abysmal Obamacare package, Granholm has been caught in another Democrat lie.

She clearly states in this video ‘nobody is going to take away anybody’s gas stove’. A completely different tone than that shown on Capitol Hill.

The Biden Administration has no plans of being honest. They will obviously manipulate the truth, and say anything they need to in order to appear more favorable.

Then, once given the reigns of power, they will do exactly as they promised not to do.

California and other Democrat states are now talking of banning natural gas appliances completely. One way, or another, the Democrats will force their agenda on America.

After the gas stoves, what’s next? Electricity? Water? Food? This government obviously sees no limit as to how involved they should be in the day to day lives of Americans.

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