Biden Energy Secretary Praises China During Climate Change Speech At SXSW (Video)

Biden Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm appeared at the ‘South By South West’ Festival in Austin. Texas recently to discuss climate change.

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During her appearance, Granholm made some statements that are catching heat around the internet. She began to shout about climate change, emoting and exclaiming with her hands and face.

See a video of that cringeworthy moment below…

Granholm also stated that we all can ‘learn’ from what China is doing with clean energy, being quoted as saying….

“We can all learn from what China is doing, but the amount of money they’re investing in clean energy, is actually encouraging”

Biden Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm

China is by far the biggest polluter in the entire world. A chart below depicts how much worse China is with pollution than the United States.

By every standard used by Granholm and the Biden Administration, China is the world’s largest polluter. Why then would they claim that we can ‘learn’ about clean energy from China?

One begins to wonder if their bold hatred of America, and everything that it stands for, has seeped into their common sense (if any did ever exist).

Their hatred of this Nation, and the people who inhabit it, blinds them. It makes them unable to seek anything other than control.

When the Biden Administration looks at China, it is not the policy style that they envy… It’s the control.

The dominance they exert on a regular basis over their own population. That is what the Biden Administration admires about China…. Power.

Everything else in between, from the policies they preach, to the values they espouse, only serve as a means to their ultimate goal, of expanding government power and control over the individual citizens of this Nation.

Having a confirmed Secretary of the Biden Administration going around and telling Americans to ‘learn from China’ is beyond disgusting. This woman should be removed from her position.

What do you think?

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