Biden Gets Lost Again, Needs Directions Off Stage In Philadelphia (Video)

President Joe Biden delivered a speech today at a shipyard in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The stage and backdrop were lined with signs that read “Bidenomics”.

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We showed a clip of Biden ignoring reporters while boarding Air Force One at Joint Andrews Base today. See that clip below, or read our article here…

During his speech in Philadelphia, Biden once again falsely claimed that he has lowered the deficit by $1.7 Trillion. That reduction was due to the automatic expiration of COVID relief, not anything that Biden did. In fact, Biden’s policies have raised the deficit, and will add trillions to the national debt.

See Biden making this false claim below…

When Biden wrapped up his speech, he turned to his left. He seemed extremely confused, not moving and seeming unaware of his surroundings. Secret Service then guides Biden from the ground to the right stage exit. See a clip of that moment below…

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