Biden Gets Lost, Needs Directions Off Stage In Maryland (Video)

President Joe Biden delivered remarks on ‘Bidenomics’ in Maryland today. Biden appeared with Maryland Democrat Wes Moore, who shares serious ties to serial rapist Harvey Weinstein. Remember, most Americans claim to be struggling with price increases. Despite Americans’ struggles, Biden and his Administration continue to brag about their economic policies.

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During his remarks, President Biden said that if he took questions from the crowd that he would be in ‘big trouble.’ Biden can be quoted as saying, “I wish I had a chance to take all your questions but I’m gonna get in real trouble if I do that.”

See a clip of that moment below…

President Joe Biden appeared extremely confused while attempting to exit the stage after his remarks. Biden looked around, seeking direction off of the stage. He coughed into his hand, looking to his left and right. Biden then eventually walks off of the stage to his left. See a clip of that moment below…

It was truthfully another scary appearance for Biden. This is our Commander-in-Chief. This is the person in control of the nuclear codes. Our world is in serious danger.

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