Biden Gets Lost, Wanders Away From UAW Picket Line (Video)

President Joe Biden attended the United Auto Worker’s picket line in Wayne County, Michigan today. Biden could be seen wielding a megaphone, standing with the line of striking workers.

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Of course, Biden and his team only decided to have Biden attend the picket line after Trump announced that he will speak to the UAWs during the Second GOP debate tomorrow. While at the rally, Biden appeared to wander off at one point, sending Secret Service scrambling after him.

Biden is then brought back to the picket line by his Secret Service, as the President then greets the UAW protestors. See a clip of that moment below…

It was surely a pitiful showing for Biden in Michigan. The President is set to depart Michigan this afternoon en route to Santa Clara, California. After attending a campaign reception in Santa Clara, Biden will depart for San Fransisco.

Complete embarrassment!

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