Biden Gives Scary Statement On F-16s To Ukraine: “It Will Proceed” (Video)

President Joe Biden made an odd statement during a press conference yesterday about sending F-16s to Ukraine. The United States agreed to send F-16s to Ukraine just days ago after claiming that Ukraine did not require them back in February.


The plan to send F-16s and train Ukrainians to use them is being led by the United States, but also being supported by other member nations of the G7.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Biden affirmed these plans to supply Ukrainians with F-16s during his press conference yesterday, adding a strange and scary statement. Biden said about the program to send F-16s to Ukraine, “It will proceed. I can’t — even if I — I think I do know, but I’m not gonna tell you because that would not be a smart thing to do either.”

What the hell does that mean? See a clip of that scary moment below…

Remember, the insane members of the Biden Administration, along with their parrots in the mainstream media are currently openly talking about a Ukrainian counter-offensive. They seemingly want to provoke World War Three.

A Yahoo news report on the Ukrainian ‘counter-offensive’ reads as following…

The West and Ukraine have for several months been pondering the prospects for a major counter-offensive by the Ukrainian army. World leaders, top officials, politicians, military analysts and journalists are all guessing when it will start, its main attack direction, and its possible outcomes.

And the West is now increasingly expressing fears that Ukraine won’t be able to break the Russian army’s back in one mighty blow. Ukrainian officials too have started to call for caution: expectations are too high, no decisive victory is coming is the message.

The words of Volodymyr Havrylov, Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine, resonated against this background. He told UK newspaper the Independent: “We will launch our counter-offensive – when and where doesn’t matter now. (Then,) Russia will be in panic; you will see a lot of panic.”

But as of now, this remains only brave talk. There is no clear timetable for a Ukrainian offensive.

What do you think?

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