Biden: “I Plan On Being In The PGA” (Video)

President Joe Biden made a strange remark during a statement he gave yesterday in front of the press at the White House. In a bout of confusion, Biden asked his staffer to step in and assist him in explaining a simple website.

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We reported on that clip at the time, but you can also watch it below…

During those same strange remarks, Biden also claimed that his Administration is focused on “securing the Border”. Remember, over 6 million illegal immigrants have gained access to this country since Biden took office. See a clip of that moment below…

Biden then joked that he plans on being in the PGA Tour after ignoring questions from reporters that shouted as Biden’s handlers removed them from the room. See a clip of that moment below…

Biden simply refuses to take unscripted questions from the press. There has never been a President less accessible to the media than President Biden.

His Administration, built on lies and abuse of power, cannot withstand the simplest of questioning from a media that historically favors Biden and the Democrats. Absolutely pathetic.

This President repeatedly laughs, giggles, and makes jokes as his handlers remove the press from his presence. It seems like Biden thinks he is getting over on the media.

With Biden’s failures come a dismal approval rating, lower than any President since Jimmy Carter. The people understand just how incompetent and dangerous the Biden Administration is.

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