Biden In Canada: ‘I Applaud China For Standing Up’ (Video)

President Biden made yet another gaffe during a speech to Canadian Parliament over the weekend. Meaning to say ‘I applaud Canada for standing up’, Biden instead said ‘I applaud China for standing up’.

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The Parliament then laughs directly at him as he attempts to explain his mistake. See a clip of that moment below…

This comes as Biden’s family has been revealed to have received payments from Chinese companies in an investigation by the House Oversight Committee.

We covered that information in this article, or you can read the documents below that show the payments below…

Was this just a slip-up, or is China on Joe’s mind?

Either way, how embarrassing is it to have this man representing our Country? He cannot get through a simple speech without a catastrophic blunder.

Almost scarier than his obvious meltdowns are the moments when he clearly conveys what his handlers have put on the teleprompter. We all remember last year when Biden claimed that sending tanks to Ukraine would be ‘World War Three’. See that moment below…

Biden DID send tanks to Ukraine. Keep that in mind!

See a compilation of Biden meeting with Canadian Officials below…

A terrible visit, and another terrible look for our Nation!

What do you think?

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